Residential Locksmith in Lakewood Co

Have you faced a situation of being locked up in your home? If this is the case with you, then you are sure of how frustrating and annoying it is. Our specialist team has been providing residential locksmith service for the residents of lakewood co for almost 20 years. We can provide you with a comfortable service in a much quicker time.

Residential Services

We are the expert locksmiths in security and protection for residences in lakewood colorado. Within the field of residential locksmithing, we focus on the safety of you and your family. Our clients trust us to help protect those things that cannot be replaced, remade or rebuilt. It is a trust in which we have worked to earn and maintain every day for almost 20 years.

We can make all the hardware with key in your house, office or apartment, operate with a single key for convenience and better security at home. In addition, we can create custom master key systems to meet any specification. From all the parts and components of our products to additional items and accessories, we always store what you need to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Note that : We have thousands of door key molds in inventory from old, electronic, “Do Not Duplicate” keys and specialized equipment such as used in safes, mailboxes or used in condominiums.

Our locksmiths can guide you on what could be the safest door lock that will best meet your need and will guide you on how to change damaged locks. We work with all types of residential hardware such as window locks and trunk types VALERO, MCM and AZBE commonly used in security for French doors also known as security doors.

Products and services:

  • Opening locks in the workshop
  • Change key combination
  • Make high security key for restricted reproduction system
  • Safety lock installation in the workshop
  • Beeper for Liftmaster, Craftman, Multi Code and Stanley electric gates
  • Reference service for locksmiths for residential homes
  • Locks and locks training
  • Duplicate keys hard to get
  • Reproduction of twisted or broken keys
  • Door lock cylinders
  • Toledo locks security lock
  • Window security locks
  • Digital door locks – electronic
  • Electric and mechanical gate locks
  • Lost key generation

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