Congratulations, you have just bought a new house from a developer or from an owner. You have moved into the new home and decided to make secure it. Now you are thinking, what should be the first step? Is it? We will recommend that you should replace door locks. For one reason you don’t have any idea how many copies were made for the locks. The previous homeowner might make some duplicates copies for his family or any strangers to access the home. But surely you don’t want their access in your new-owned home. If you don’t go for changing the locks, the stranger will have access to entering your home. 

The entire process should be started even before you close on the house. Have a look at all the types of blocks and remember that every door locks should be changed.

Selecting Hardware is not a very difficult task. Just look at the code number on the package. Same code number indicates the same keys. That means you have fewer keys to keep track off. Remember process only works when you use the same types of locks. If you need some multiple styles of locks, for example, a deadbolt, knob most of the home centers and hardware locks can re-key the locks. So, when you buy you don’t have to worry about this. Only you have to worry about the one master keys for every lock in your house.

replace door locks

It is very easy to change a deadbolt or a knob, simply you just need a screwdriver to do it even if you are not an expert on this. If you still can’t do the job, you can call us.  Our Locksmith in lakewood Co team are ready to help you in the lakewood co area.

It is very easy to replace door locks, you can do this within a few minutes and it will give you peace of mind in your new home.

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