Privacy Policy of Locksmith Lakewood CO

Last Updated : 4 April 2019.

Locksmith in Lakewood CO operates the website locksmith lakewood CO.

In this privacy policy page we are going to inform you about hour policy regarding the data collection, use and disclosed about taking service through this website.

We will not share or upload your information in this page or any page.

Locksmith in lakewood Co, uses your information for the best service. By using the service you agree to the information collection process when you use our service.

Information Collection

For better, quick and emergency service we collect some personal information.

But those are limited to :

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Mobile or Telephone Number
  4. Address

LOG DATA (about your web details)

We collect some log information when you visit our website, we honestly do this through google analytics service. Information that used to save as log data are like- your IP(Internet Protocol) details, web browser details, the time you spend on our website, etc.

Browsing Cookies (for best performance on web in next visits)

We collect some small amount of data, called cookies. Cookies are send to your browser form website and save in your hard-drive or any storage. This is used to get the best performance on web browsing for every next time.

Linking to other sites (for valuable information)

Sometime we links some third party websites links in your websites for details and advanced information. If you click those links and go to those sites, we are requesting to you to read the privacy policies of those sites.

Data Collection and Service Process

Yes, we do collect some personal data for service. Usually, locksmiths are in a team and you will be redirected to them via third party for the service. In this part, our web page is usually used to link you.

Changes to Privacy Policy in any time.

Locksmith Lakewood Co, may change its privacy policy time to time, and it should be uploaded in the privacy policy page.

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